Start using Brutus AI API into your app.

Welcome to the Brutus AI documentation. Here, you'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Brutus AI as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Getting Started with Brutus AI API

To begin using Brutus AI API, you need to obtain an API key and make your first API request. Follow these steps to get started.

Obtain an API Key

  1. Visit BrutusAI.com/platform and log in or create a new account if you haven't already.
  2. Go to the API section and select API Keys from the submenu.
  3. Click Create New API Key. Provide a name for your key and copy the key to your clipboard.
  4. Your new API key will be generated. Make sure to copy and store it securely as you will need it for making API requests.

Making Your First API Request

Make your first API request to the Brutus AI API using your API key. API Reference

Comprehensive Documentation

Access detailed documentation for a smooth integration process.


API Response Examples

Get a better understanding of the API response with examples.