According to various sources, poverty and disease pose a significant risk to national security, with civil war being a less likely threat. There are also concerns about issues such as climate change, government corruption, and environmental preservation. Additionally, there have been allegations of persecution and threats against environmental defenders and tensions surrounding the sale of land to foreign buyers. These issues must be addressed, with a focus on poverty reduction in assistance strategies. Differing political views and ideologies, such as conservative-liberal vs green-populist, can also impact approaches to these issues.

Based on the information obtained, Minister Luca Zaia has expressed concerns regarding the threats of poverty and disease to national security. Additionally, there are broader issues such as civil war, climate change, government corruption, environmental preservation, allegations of persecution, and tensions related to land sales to foreign buyers. It appears that the specific fear arising out of poverty, according to Zaia, includes its contribution to broader national security concerns and societal challenges.

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