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The texts mentioned various lists of common Hebrew words and their translations or transliterations, such as the "100 Most Common Words in Hebrew", the "Hebrew Core 100 Word List", the "Hebrew frequency list: 10,000 most commonly used words", and the "100 common Hebrew words with English and transliterations". Other resources to learn Hebrew, including greetings and commonly used words, were also mentioned such as "GREETINGS COURTESIES", "schtiebl", "500+ Commonly Used Hebrew Words with English Transliteration", and "The Biblical Hebrew Challenge". Links were provided for further access and resources.

I could not find a complete list of the 100 most commonly used words in the Torah. However, I can certainly assist in providing definitions, pronunciations, and translations for individual words or a smaller set of words. Please feel free to provide me with specific words you'd like to learn about, and I'd be happy to help!

Talmudology Bonus: The Most Common Words in the Talmud — Talmudology100 Common Hebrew Words - Anglo-List

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