Yes Please, This Is Lvgl 8.3

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The lv_meter_set_indicator_value function allows for setting the value of an indicator on a meter object. This is useful for animating the indicator to a new position based on a new value. The LV_SLIDER_SYMMETRICAL option can be used to draw a symmetrical indicator, while LV_SLIDER_RANGE allows for setting a range of values. Additionally, the Line meter object can be used to create a vertical bar with color-coded scale lines based on the current value. LV_PART_MAIN and LV_PART_INDICATOR are used to customize the background and indicator respectively for a switch object. The LV_GAUGE_PART_MAJOR virtual part describes the major scale lines for a gauge. This functionality is part of the powerful building blocks provided by the framework, including buttons, charts, lists, sliders, and images.

It seems that there isn't a clear indication from the search results on why the meter.set_indicator_value function may not be working as intended in LVGL 8.3. I recommend checking the official LVGL documentation or community forums for this specific issue, as it might be a version-specific behavior or a potential bug.

If you'd like, I can provide an example of how to set the meter indicator value using the latest version of LVGL. Let me know if you would like me to do that!

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