This text is a compilation of multiple choice questions and quizzes on the topic of ultrasound. The questions range from assessing understanding of ultrasound physics principles to opinions on different technologies used in ultrasound machines. The purpose of these questions is to help readers test their knowledge and prepare for ultrasound exams. The questions cover various aspects of ultrasound, such as sound wave properties, technology and physics.

Great! Here's a multiple-choice question based on the provided text:

Question: Which equipment is recommended for inspection of solid laminates during through-transmission ultrasonic (TU)? A. Automated Ultrasonic Scanning System (AUSS) B. USL 38 C. Yoke - Part number JTW-36/8 D. Yoke -- Part number RPTW-322A E. Contact transducer Part number 241-043

Let me know if you'd like more questions in a similar format!

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