Several architecturally impressive homes have been designed and built around the world, using a mixture of materials such as timber, concrete, and glass. Some examples include 'casa E' in Argentina, with its L-shaped layout and lush garden patios, and a house in Kuala Lumpur that features edible plants along its concrete facade. Another notable project is Hercule, a concrete-and-glass house in Luxembourg that takes full advantage of its sloping site. In Italy, Design Haus Liberty created a stunning villa with cascading outdoor terraces leading to Lake Maggiore. Meanwhile, a vacation home in Oregon highlights the surrounding landscape, and a contemporary house in Toronto boasts a sleek design by Phaedrus Studio.

I found several examples of beach houses made of timber, concrete, and glass with impressive features. While I wasn't able to find a specific photo matching your description, I can provide you with some visually stunning examples. Let me know if you'd like me to continue the search or if you'd like more information about any of these breathtaking designs.

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