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The text is discussing various initiatives and research studies related to workforce development and job quality in different industries. An organization is commended for their dedication to helping employees grow personally and professionally through a career development program. Two individuals graduated from a women-focused construction program and will start an apprenticeship. A study focuses on examining the differences in job quality between countries. Another organization in Idaho aims to connect partners and promote career growth. However, the U.S. only added 98,000 jobs in March and a decrease in new work and repair and maintenance growth was observed in certain industries. An EdD program prepares students for leadership roles in career and technical education. Research found that a lack of passion for tackling challenging problems exists among workers at all levels and job types.

It seems like the search didn't yield relevant news articles directly related to Jean Francis and its focus on creating a brighter future for the construction industry. However, if you want, I can help you craft a snappy article to highlight the amazing work Jean Francis is doing to revolutionize the construction workforce! Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in, Steven.

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