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Effective communication is crucial for the success of projects, as emphasized in various studies and meta-analyses. This includes proper distribution of information among all team members and considering different societal and organizational levels. Furthermore, trust and collaboration are also important for increasing the likelihood of project success. Relationships between team communication, personalities, and dynamics should also be examined for optimal group performance. Understanding the contextual factors that influence project teams can also contribute to overall project performance.

The analysis of the relationship between project team's communication awareness level and project outcomes reveals intriguing insights, particularly when comparing engineering and construction projects with IT and other sectors. The multiple R value for engineering and construction (0.69269474) surpasses that of IT and other fields (0.3078427), suggesting a stronger correlation between communication awareness and project outcomes in the former. However, the R square value for engineering and construction (0.479826) also notably exceeds that of IT and other segments (0.09476713), indicating that a larger proportion of the variance in project outcomes is explained by communication awareness in the former.

Moreover, when examining specific project success factors such as training, time constraints/priority, and stakeholder engagement, the coefficient values display varying impacts across the two sectors. For instance, the coefficient for training in engineering and construction (0.31617857) is notably higher than in the IT and other category (0.10505546), pointing to a stronger relationship between training initiatives and project outcomes in the former. Additionally, the stakeholder engagement coefficient for engineering and construction (0.35611764) also surpasses that of the IT and other sector (0.23036967), indicating a more pronounced impact of stakeholder engagement on project success in the former.

When considering the limitation of the study, it's essential to acknowledge that the data analyzed was based on a specific set of projects in Myanmar and other countries, potentially limiting the generalizability of the findings. Additionally, the study's scope may not have accounted for all potential variables influencing project outcomes, necessitating further research for a more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between communication awareness and project success.

In conclusion, the analysis showcases distinct relationships between project team communication awareness and project outcomes, particularly when contrasting engineering and construction projects with IT and other sectors. The findings underscore the importance of effective communication strategies and tailored approaches for different industry contexts, contributing to a deeper comprehension of the intricate dynamics impacting project success.

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