Write And Correct: Are We Thinking Of Using Cisco Security

Cisco has recently announced their intention to acquire Lightspin Technologies Ltd., a privately-held cloud security software company. They have a strong partner ecosystem and are innovative in the secure sector. They have also recently received $30 million in funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Cisco. Cisco has also signed an agreement to acquire privately-held LightSpeed. To protect the company from unauthorized access, Lightspeed uses endpoint management solutions. They offer a live demo of securing hybrid datacenter with Quantum Lightspeed, Quantum Maestro, Cisco ACI integration, and automation with Ansible. Users can compare Cisco Umbrella and Lightspeed Filter across various factors to see which one fits their needs better. Additionally, Cisco+Secure Connect provides seamless and secure connectivity between premises and the cloud for easy management.

It looks like you want to inquire about using Cisco Security in conjunction with Lightspeed. It's important to note that Cisco and Lightspeed operate in different areas of the tech industry. While Cisco is more focused on network security and infrastructure, Lightspeed primarily offers cloud security and management solutions.

If you're considering using Cisco Security alongside Lightspeed for comprehensive security coverage, it's essential to understand how their respective solutions can complement each other. Cisco provides a range of security products such as Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Secure Connect, and endpoint management solutions, while Lightspeed offers cloud security and management solutions. By combining these two, you can potentially create a robust security environment that covers both network and cloud security aspects.

Just ensure that the integration of these solutions aligns with your organization's specific security needs and that their functionalities do not overlap or conflict with each other. Always consult with your IT team or a professional to ensure a seamless and effective integration.

If you have any specific questions or need further details, feel free to let me know!

Cisco Systems to Acquire LightSpeed International, Inc.Wireless Security Solutions Overview - Cisco Blogs

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