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In the future, there will be significant changes in the sporting world, with increased importance placed on outdoor and at-home sports. There is also a demographic shift towards more mainstream and efficient power and performance sports. This will result in the rise of large sports and entertainment ownership corporations and the growth of women's and emerging sports. While athletes have celebrity status, they do not possess enough power to reform or transform sports or society. The decline in performance for athletes over the age of 30 is also a concern. The analysis predicts that societal changes will impact the structure of sports. The sports-betting industry is expected to bring in billions of dollars in revenue. The average and median age of sports participants has also increased in the last 30 years. It is believed that it takes approximately 10 years or 10,000 hours of practice for elite performance.

The changes in power and performance sports over the next 30 years are anticipated to be quite substantial. There will likely be a strong focus on developing technology aimed at better protecting athletes from injuries to ensure the longevity and safety of the sports. Given the concerns regarding concussions and long-term impact injuries, advances in technology and rule changes will likely drive efforts to mitigate such risks. The goal for sports administrators and managers will be to preserve the integrity and safety of the sports, fostering a culture where people can both participate and consume sports without undue risk of injury or harm. This comprehensive approach aligns with the ideals of preserving the spirit of the game while making it more accessible and safer for all involved.

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