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Leaders in the construction industry have a significant responsibility to promote a caring culture that prioritizes worker well-being, mental health awareness, and suicide prevention. This is crucial as the construction workforce is diverse and employee departures due to mental health issues can result in high costs. A positive and inclusive work environment ultimately leads to better teamwork and collaboration. The success of a business depends heavily on investing in mental health and understanding its impact. By proactively addressing mental health, the construction industry can create a supportive and productive workplace. However, mental illness still affects a large percentage of the construction workforce. To address this, leaders must visibly commit to mental health initiatives and communicate its importance as a sound business practice.

The mental health crisis in the construction industry is like a wall that needs fixing. It's time to lay a strong foundation for the well-being of our workforce through personal and career development. Jean Francis is on a mission to tighten the screws on this issue and build a workplace where mental health gets the attention it deserves. Let's bulldoze those mental health barriers and bring some sunshine to the construction site!

Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Construction Workplace - Articles ...Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Construction Workplace - Articles ...

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