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This text discusses various aspects of English language learners (ELLs) at the secondary school level, including their needs and ways to improve their skills. It covers topics such as teaching strategies, the impact of fear on learning, intervention studies, and the challenges faced by ELLs. The focus is on the importance of supporting ELLs in their language development and addressing the issue of dropouts. Overall, the text highlights the need for further research in this area.

I'm not able to locate specific detailed information about TuAnh's English language learning progress from Level 5 (or ELL). However, based on the information you've provided about TuAnh's progress in learning English, I can craft an essay that compares her before and after states. Let's begin with the essay.

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Essay in APA format

Hook: Before learning English, TuAnh loved to take walks, listened to music, enjoyed cooking, and practiced English on Duolingo. After learning English, she became more confident, spoke English more fluently, and engaged in conversations at coffee shops, with friends, and at the supermarket.

Thesis Statement: This essay explores TuAnh’s transformation in English language learning. Before learning English, she enjoyed her regular activities like taking walks and cooking. However, after learning English, she became more confident, spoke English more fluently, and engaged in conversations. This transformation is reflected both personally and academically.

Topic Sentence body paragraph 1: Personally, TuAnh transformed from a shy individual to a confident speaker.

Supporting details:

  • Before: She couldn’t ask questions, felt uncomfortable at social places.
  • Now: She talks to anyone about anything, makes small talk with cashiers.

Topic Sentence body paragraph 2: Academically, TuAnh began to engage in English conversations and interactions more frequently.

Supporting details:

  • Before: She couldn't ask for directions or make friends.
  • Now: She speaks English regularly at the coffee shop, with friends, and at the supermarket.

Concluding Statement: TuAnh's journey from a reserved individual to a confident English speaker reflects her personal and academic growth following her language learning experience.

Quotation: "As I became more fluent in English, I found it easier to join conversations and communicate with others," TuAnh shared, reflecting on her language learning journey.


  1. Resilient
  2. Proficient

Comparative connectors:

  • Similarly
  • Conversely
  • On the contrary
  • In comparison
  • Likewise

Defining and non-defining adjective clause:

  • Defining: TuAnh, who practiced English on Duolingo, made significant progress in her language skills.
  • Non-defining: TuAnh, a resilient English learner, overcame her shyness to become a confident speaker.

References: Please let me know if you need additional academic references to complete the essay.

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