Write A 30 Second Script For What Is Trauma?

According to various sources, trauma is a common issue that can result from exposure to distressing or life-threatening events. These traumatic experiences can lead to emotional responses such as shock, denial, fear, and hyperarousal. Research has shown that trauma has both short-term and long-term effects, including behavioral and physical health conditions. Additionally, a person's developmental level and cognitive impairments can affect how they process and cope with trauma. Trauma disrupts the body's natural equilibrium and can have long-lasting effects, but healing is possible.

Trauma refers to a response to distressing or life-threatening events, resulting in emotional reactions like shock, fear, and denial. It has short and long-term effects on mental and physical health. A person's cognitive abilities and developmental stage influence their response to trauma. It disrupts the body's natural balance but healing is achievable.

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