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Parse's Human Becoming Theory is a nursing theory that focuses on the relationship between humans and the universe. It emphasizes the importance of the individual's perspective and choice in creating meaning in their own life. The theory is guided by four postulates: illimitability, paradox, freedom, and mystery. Nursing practice based on this theory focuses on improving quality of life as described and lived by the patient. This theory is constantly evolving and being updated, and it uses an inductive reasoning method. In practice, nurses aim to guide patients in making decisions about their own care. A recent study looked at how nursing students perceive learning about this theory and its relevance to clinical practice.

Parse's Human Becoming Theory is a nursing theory that emphasizes the dynamic nature of health and human interactions. This theory involves a holistic approach to nursing care, focusing on the individual's unique perspective, choices, and the meaning they create in their own life. In the case study provided, the interactions and experiences of Ann, Ben, and the nurse can be understood through the lens of Parse's Human Becoming Theory.

The moment of connection between Ben, Ann, and the nurse highlights the significance of the human experience within the given context. The nurse's sensitivity to the unfolding moment and Ben's emotional expression align with the theory's emphasis on the individual's perspective. Ben's recollection of past shared experiences with Ann and the reference to their daughter, Jessie, reflects the importance of personal meanings and choices as described and lived by the individuals involved.

Moreover, the portrayal of Ann's transition is in line with the theory's focus on freedom and mystery, as she peacefully joins Jessie and Abe. The narrative underscores the significance of intrinsic meanings and choices in the context of health and transition. The nurse's role in supporting and acknowledging the unfolding experience aligns with the theory's emphasis on nursing practice that respects individual choices and meanings.

The case study thus provides a poignant illustration of the human becoming theory in practice, showcasing the profound impact of individual perspectives, choices, and the meaning-making process in a health care scenario.

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