Within A Period Of One Second, 5 X 1023 Nitrogen

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To calculate the pressure exerted on the wall, we can use the formula for pressure, which is given by:

[ P = \frac{F}{A} ]

Where: P = pressure F = force A = area

We can find the force exerted by the nitrogen molecules using the following information: Number of molecules (n) = 5 x 10^23 molecules Speed of molecules (v) = 300 m/s Mass of one nitrogen molecule (m) = 4.68 x 10^-26 kg

The force exerted by the molecules can be calculated using the formula:

[ F = \Delta p / \Delta t ]

Where: Δp = change in momentum Δt = change in time

The change in momentum can be calculated as: [ \Delta p = 2mv ]

Where: m = mass of one nitrogen molecule v = speed of the molecules

Substituting the given values: [ \Delta p = 2 \times (4.68 \times 10^{-26} , \text{kg}) \times (300 , \text{m/s}) ] [ \Delta p = 2 \times 4.68 \times 300 \times 10^{-26} , \text{kg m/s} ] [ \Delta p = 2 \times 4.68 \times 300 \times 10^{-26} , \text{N s} ]

Now, we can calculate the force using the change in momentum and the given time period.

Let me calculate that.

M/23/5'10" [300lbs > 208lbs = 92lbs] (16 months) The road so far ...In a period of 1.00 s, 5.00 times 10^{23} nitrogen molecules ...

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