Why Is Twitter/ X Engagement Still High But Follower Count

Possible reasons for losing Twitter followers include: inactivity, posting too much or not enough, accounts being deleted, bots being removed, and inconsistencies in posting. This could be due to technical and social issues on the platform, as well as efforts to remove fake followers. Regular and engaging posting is important for maintaining a solid follower count.

The high engagement on Twitter despite the dropping follower count for a UK charity account with over 500,000 followers could be due to various reasons. Some possible explanations for high engagement and decreasing follower count might be related to inactivity, posting frequency, removal of fake or inactive accounts, or changes in the Twitter algorithm.

  1. Inactivity: If the account is not consistently engaging with its followers through tweets, responses, or retweets, it may lead to a decline in overall follower count but not necessarily impact the engagement levels of the current audience.

  2. Posting Frequency: Posting too much or too little can affect follower retention. If there has been a change in posting frequency without sufficient engagement with the audience, it might lead to a decrease in overall followers.

  3. Removal of Fake or Inactive Accounts: Twitter periodically removes fake accounts or those showing unusual behavior. This can lead to a decline in follower count despite maintaining high engagement levels.

  4. Algorithm Changes: Twitter's algorithm changes can sometimes affect follower count even if engagement remains high. For example, changes in how tweets are shown or recommended could impact account visibility.

Given the unique nature of a charity account, it's also essential to consider the content being shared. Engagement could be high if the content is resonating well with the audience, even if the overall follower count is decreasing.

It may be helpful to assess the content strategy, audience targeting, and overall engagement approach to better understand the specific factors contributing to the observed trend.

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