Who Wrote The Most Important Papers On Distributed Leadership

The text discusses the concept of distributed leadership and its application in the field of education. James Spillane is identified as a leading expert in the field, and his work focuses on how leadership is practiced in schools through both formal routines and everyday interactions. Alma Harris is also mentioned as a prominent writer in the field. A study by Ancona, Isaacs, and Elaine Backman compares bureaucratic and distributed models of leadership in promoting change. The paper also highlights the relationship between distributed leadership and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), with Spillane's work being cited. The origins and evolution of distributed leadership as a research topic are discussed, and the operational design and implementation of a project on distributed leadership in education are described. In terms of school culture, trust is identified as a key factor in effective distributed leadership.

Some of the most important papers on distributed leadership have been written by James Spillane, Alma Harris, Ancona, Isaacs, and Elaine Backman. Their work focuses on how leadership is practiced in various contexts, particularly in educational settings. James Spillane, in particular, is considered a leading expert in the field, with a focus on how leadership is exercised in schools through formal routines and everyday interactions.

PDF) Distributed Leadership in Organizations: A Review of Theory ...PDF) Distributed Leadership

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