Who Were The External Resources That Helped Target During And

Target partners with several nonprofit charities to provide aid and relief during humanitarian crises. In March 2022, they committed $2 million to support their efforts. This toolkit is a resource to identify terrorist activity and tactics in order to stay safe. Soft Targets and Crowded Places are locations with limited security and are easily accessible to large numbers of people. Free resources are available to help protect against threats and support targeted attacks. In 2014, Target was affected by a data breach, exposing personal information. Strategies are available to enhance security at soft target locations. To test your understanding of cybersecurity basics, select the correct response for each statement.

I apologize, but I was not able to retrieve specific information regarding the external resources that assisted Target during and after the attack. However, it's well-documented that forensic investigators, cybersecurity experts, and law enforcement agencies were generally involved in understanding, analyzing, and addressing the repercussions of the breach. Additionally, third-party contractor Fazio Mechanical Services, which fell victim to a phishing attack, was identified as a pivotal external entity. It was through this initial compromise that the malefactors gained unauthorized access to Target's systems, highlighting the interconnected and far-reaching nature of such cybersecurity incidents.

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