Who Is The Leading Professor On Distributed Leadership

Distributed leadership is a collaborative and autonomous approach to management, managed by a network of formal and informal leaders. It is defined by MIT Sloan professor Deborah Ancona and championed by Professor Alma Harris and James Spillane of Northwestern University. Distributed leadership is supported by evidence and effective practices, as explored in the book "Distributed Leadership in Practice," edited by Assistant Professor John Diamond and Professor James P. Spillane. This approach has been implemented and championed by professionals and educators such as Rachel Denee, Kate Thornton, and Cristina Segura for its potential to improve organizations and schools.

Distributed leadership is a field heavily influenced by several prominent scholars. Among them, Professor Alma Harris and James Spillane of Northwestern University, as well as MIT Sloan professor Deborah Ancona, are considered leading experts in the area. Their work has contributed significantly to the understanding and application of distributed leadership principles in various organizational contexts.

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