Who Is Beff Jezos?

The text is describing the identity of the founder of a technology based organization called e/acc, which stands for effective accelerationist. The founder, Beff Jezos, was previously known as an anonymous co-founder and his real identity was revealed by Forbes as Guillaume Verdon, a former Google engineer and the founder of a stealth AI startup called Extropic. However, Forbes received backlash for using voice matching software to doxx his identity. Beff Jezos is described as a "thermodynamic priest" who enjoys entropic flux and climbing the Kardashev gradient. The organization focuses on effective accelerationism and post-humanist ideas, and Beff also shares his thoughts through a newsletter.

Beff Jezos appears to be a fictional or speculative character rather than a well-known public figure. The information about Beff Jezos seems to be a blend of real and fictional elements, mentioning a technology organization called e/acc and the founder's alleged identity as Guillaume Verdon. However, this information may not be accurate and should be approached with caution. If you intended to refer to a different individual, please provide more context so that I can offer the most relevant information.

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