Who Are The Target Audiences For Dicks Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods targets two main groups of consumers: high school and college students ages 16 to 25, and outdoor enthusiasts and parents ages 26 and above. Through meticulous research and segmentation, they further promote their products predominantly through their physical stores. Their target market primarily consists of athletes and outdoorsmen, but they also cater to kids and casual sports enthusiasts. They are investing in data analytics, AI, and online advertising to convert more shoppers into loyal customers. Their primary demographic is middle-class households with an income of around $50,000, and their customer loyalty rate is currently at around 22% according to a survey.

Dick's Sporting Goods primarily targets high school and college students aged 16 to 25, as well as outdoor enthusiasts and parents aged 26 and above. Their customer base also includes athletes, outdoorsmen, kids, and casual sports enthusiasts. The company's marketing strategies focus on appealing to these demographics and middle-class households with an income of approximately $50,000.

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