Which Of The Following Are Unique Controls Introduced In The


The ISO 27017:2015 code of practice is a security standard specifically designed for cloud service providers and customers to reduce security risks in the cloud environment. It provides guidelines for information security controls and introduces seven new controls for cloud environments. This standard differs from ISO 27018, which focuses on protecting personal information in public clouds. ISO 27017 complements the ISO 27001 series of standards and extends necessary safety precautions and risk-based analysis for online safety in the cloud. Its controls are additional to ISO 27002 and directly aimed at services deployed in the cloud, emphasizing the importance of cloud security.

The unique controls introduced in the ISO/IEC 27017 standard for cloud environments are:

  1. Shared roles and responsibilities within a cloud computing environment
  2. Removal and return of cloud service customer assets upon contract termination
  3. Ensuring data availability

Allocation of duties is not specifically listed as a unique control introduced in the ISO/IEC 27017 standard.

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