Which Of The Following Answer Choices Is Correct? What Is

The text discusses various topics related to the role of media in society, specifically in regards to political elections and news coverage. It mentions quizlet, a study tool, as well as the agenda setting theory and agenda-setting research in political communication. The article explores how the media should balance their coverage of candidates and issues, as well as identifying forms of bias and ways to present unbiased coverage. It also briefly mentions digital media and how it can be used to monitor government and politicians. Additionally, it talks about the impact of media coverage on public concern about crime and voter evaluations of politicians.

The correct term for when the news media affects the criteria with which we evaluate candidates or elected leaders is "agenda setting." This term refers to the media's ability to influence the salience and importance of topics on the public agenda, ultimately shaping the public's perception of political figures and issues.

Serving As a Representative of the People: A Guide to Engaging ...Frontiers | Social media influence on politicians' and citizens ...

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