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Prior restraint is a form of censorship used by the government to review and prevent the publication of printed materials. The example of the Pentagon Papers highlights how this doctrine is closely scrutinized by the courts and generally seen as unconstitutional. In this case, the government tried to stop the New York Times from publishing classified information, but the Court ultimately ruled against them, stating that such prior restraints are rarely justified. This restriction on speech is often challenged and seen as a violation of the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech. However, there are exceptions when it comes to maintaining public order.

The correct answer is: "Exercising prior restraint requires the government to demonstrate that the publication of documents would damage national security." This is illustrated by the example of the Pentagon Papers, where the courts were skeptical of the government's claims and emphasized that prior restraints on publication should only be exercised if it can be demonstrated that the publication would damage national security.

The Pentagon Papers Case—A Half Century LaterThe Complicated Impact the Pentagon Papers Had on Free Speech ...

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