Which Of The Following Answer Choices Is Correct? Most Americans

The text highlights the political preferences of Americans when it comes to divided or unified government. Majority of Americans prefer control of government to be divided between the parties, but a large portion still identify with a specific party. Liberals and conservatives have similar desires for political agreements, while record-high percentage of Republicans prefer unified party control. Some voters prefer a divided government, while most Republicans tend to prefer a limited role for government. Americans have no clear preference for divided or unified party control, but trust in the government varies based on which party is in power. Compromise is also viewed differently depending on how it is framed.

Based on the information I found, the correct answer choice is "a majority of Americans vote 'split-ticket.'" This reflects the preference that most Americans consistently have for control of the government to be divided between parties.

In U.S., Preference for Divided Government Lowest in 15 YearsIn U.S., Preference for Divided Government Lowest in 15 Years

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