What The Names Of Scientist And Natural Healers Who Offered

According to the text, alternative medicine is increasingly gaining acceptance in mainstream healthcare, much to the dismay of some, like Deepak Chopra, who is known for promoting it. Alternative medicine also has a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt. In America, its popularity rose after the Flexner Report of 1910, which transformed medical education and eliminated proprietary schools. Various forms of alternative medicine, like holistic approaches and Christian Science, are still popular today. However, some treatments, like former scientologist Jim Humble's Miracle Mineral Solution, have garnered controversy. This trend is further evidenced by a Treatment Improvement Protocol that aims to guide clinicians working with American Indian and Alaska Native individuals, who often have different cultural beliefs and practices regarding healthcare.

Several scientists and natural healers who offered alternative solutions to power and health and are now deceased include:

  1. Wilhelm Reich: He was an Austrian psychoanalyst and a controversial figure in the field of natural healing. He developed the concept of "orgone energy" and claimed that his devices could manipulate this energy to improve health.

  2. Max Gerson: A German-born American physician, known for developing the Gerson Therapy, which is an alternative dietary-based treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

  3. Edgar Cayce: Also known as the "Sleeping Prophet," he was an American mystic who claimed to have the ability to channel information from a "higher source" to diagnose and treat illnesses.

  4. Hulda Clark: A Canadian naturopath, she developed controversial treatments for cancer and other diseases, including the use of electric currents and herbal remedies.

  5. Wilhelm Reich: He was known for his work on character analysis and the concept of "orgone energy," claiming that it could be harnessed for health benefits.

These individuals made significant contributions to the field of natural healing and alternative medicine, and their work continues to influence and inspire others in the field.

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