What Song From Ariana Grande Contains The Part "tell Each

The text snippets are various excerpts from different songs and music releases by Ariana Grande. They involve themes of love, relationships, self-love, and surprise releases. "One Last Time" and "worst behavior" are featured on her album "Positions (Deluxe)" while "Just Look Up" is from the soundtrack for the film "Don't Look Up." "Into You" is a single available for download. Grande is known for her surprise single releases, including "thank u, next" and "obvious." The lyrics focus on the intensity of love and the willingness to sacrifice for another person.

The lyrics "tell each other what we know" appear in the song "worst behavior" by Ariana Grande, which is part of her album "Positions (Deluxe)."

Focus - Ariana Grande (Lyrics) 🎵thank u, next - Ariana Grande (Lyrics)

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