What Is The Purpose Of The Pre action Protocol 2002?

In accordance with the text, pre-action protocols are documents that outline the proper conduct and steps parties should take before initiating legal proceedings for specific types of claims such as personal injury, housing disrepair, and judicial review. These protocols were introduced in 1999 and have been revised and updated, with the most recent being the Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in Road Traffic. The purpose of these protocols is to encourage early settlement and focus the litigation process. The Pre-Action Protocol for low value personal injury claims also includes guidance on controlling substances hazardous to health. A draft protocol was circulated for the Mortgage Arrears Pre-Action Protocol, and the Pre-Action Protocol for Judicial Review is currently under review.

The purpose of the Pre-Action Protocol, particularly in the context of the Pre-Action Protocol 2002, is to establish the appropriate conduct and steps that parties involved in legal proceedings should adhere to before commencing formal litigation for specific types of claims. It serves to encourage early settlements and focus on the litigation process, ultimately aiming to streamline legal proceedings. These protocols were introduced to address various types of claims, such as personal injury, housing disrepair, and judicial review, with the overarching goal of facilitating smoother legal processes and potential settlements before formal litigation.

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