What Is The Name For Individual Pieces Of An Orange?

An orange is a type of citrus fruit that is typically divided into segments or slices. The flesh of the orange, known as the carpel, is made up of smaller juice-filled sacs, and the outer layer of the fruit's skin, known as the exocarp, has a yellowish color. When cutting an orange, it is important to remove the pith and membrane, a process known as "supreming." While the word "tangerine" is often used as a general term for citrus fruits, most citrus plants are actually propagated through cuttings of the top portion, called scions. The inner portion of the orange, known as the endocarp, is made up of the edible and juicy segments. This material is known as the pith and is thread-like in appearance.

The individual pieces of an orange are known as segments or slices. Each segment is composed of the juicy, edible flesh enclosed within a membrane, and when the orange is peeled, these segments can be separated easily.

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