What Is The Most Common Way To Abbreviate Percentage Points

The text discusses the use of abbreviations for percentage points, specifically in the context of macro-economic indicators like inflation. The commonly accepted abbreviations are pp, p.p., and %pt, while %P is not as widely recognized. Additionally, the text mentions that one percentage point is equal to 100 basis points, a unit used to describe changes in financial instruments. In terms of surveys, CAPI and CATI refer to computer-assisted personal and telephone interviews, respectively. The abbreviation pp is also used for unemployment and labor force participation gaps, while CPI stands for consumer price index.

The most common abbreviations for "percentage points" in economics academic papers are "pp," "p.p.," and "%pt." These abbreviations are widely recognized in the academic and economic research community.

What is a percentage point? Definition and meaningCatatan Percentage Point - PERCENTAGE POINT The term percentage ...

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