What Is The Cost Price Of A Cup Of Coffee

The text discusses the increasing prices of coffee in various establishments in India. Prices range from 20-30 rupees per cup, and small cafes, darshinis, and roadside vendors have all raised their prices by 10-20%. In Bangalore, the average cost of coffee for two people is 100 rupees. Additionally, the article mentions the drastic price increase of coffee in recent years, with an average cup now costing Rs 80, compared to Rs 12-15 in 2014. The factors contributing to these prices include the cost of coffee beans, milk, take-away cups, and labor. Gourmet coffee shops tend to have higher prices, with an average of $4.24 per cup. The article also mentions the high costs associated with making coffee, such as expensive espresso machines and industrial coffee roasters.

In an upscale cafe in Karnataka, the cost price of a cup of coffee can vary based on the specific establishment, but you can generally expect to pay around 100 rupees for a cup of coffee for two people. However, prices may vary depending on the location and the specific cafe.

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