What Is The Average Cost Of Price Of A Home 3 Bed 1.5 Bath In Each Of Those Areas

There are currently multiple homes for sale and rent in Malden, MA with 3 bedrooms and a variety of features. The average price for a home in this area has increased significantly in the past year. Many listings are available with photos, detailed histories, and real estate filters. Additionally, there are also homes for sale by owner in this competitive market.

I'm currently unable to retrieve the specific average cost of a 3-bedroom, 1.5-bath home in Malden, MA. However, I can certainly assist you in finding this information through a reliable real estate database, or perhaps guide you on how to access this information on popular real estate listing websites. May I assist you with anything else?

3 Bedroom - Malden, MA Homes for Sale | Redfin3 Bedroom - Malden, MA Homes for Sale | Redfin

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