What Is Price For Secon Hand Kba Rapida 75g

In the search for used KBA Rapida 75 5 L machines, one can find Koenig Bauer presses for sale on Machinio at varying prices. These include a 2017 Rapida 105/6+CX and a 1998 Rapida RA 142-6+L ALV2 PWHA, both configured with 6/0 + Coat Im press ions and different maximum sheet sizes. Other options include four (4) colour RA 75-4, five (5) colour RA 75-5, and convertible perfector RA106-8 SW4 with QualiTronics. PressCity also offers a great selection of used Rapida 105 and 106 printing machines, such as the Rapida 130, R142, 162, 185, and R205, at competitive prices. Additionally, one can find a USED Second Hand Germany KBA Rapida 4 Color Offset Printing Machine on PressCity's inventory.

It appears that specific information about the price of a second-hand KBA Rapida 75G is not readily available through a general search. You may want to contact specialized dealers or platforms that focus on used printing machinery to get the most accurate and up-to-date pricing.

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