What Is Homeready And What Other Programs Are Available For

Massachusetts offers multiple programs to assist first-time homebuyers with low down payment loans and grants. MassHousing provides up to $50,000 in down payment assistance. The state's most affordable mortgage, ONE, is offered through over 40 lenders. Another option is the Fannie Mae HomeReady mortgage, which is a conventional loan with low rates and reduced insurance costs. This program is also offered through participating lenders. There are also other low down payment options such as the Home Possible mortgage or an FHA mortgage. These programs are designed to assist low- to moderate- income borrowers and are available to qualified first-time buyers.

"HomeReady" is a program offered by Fannie Mae that aims to expand access to affordable mortgage credit for low and moderate-income homebuyers. It provides enhanced support for low down payment home financing, including flexible underwriting and income eligibility criteria.

In Massachusetts, there are various programs available to support homebuyers. These include:

  1. MassHousing Down Payment Assistance: MassHousing offers up to $50,000 in down payment assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers.

  2. MassHousing's "ONE" Mortgage Program: The "Operation Welcome Home" (ONE) mortgage program is offered through over 40 participating lenders. It is designed to provide affordable financing options for first-time homebuyers.

  3. Fannie Mae HomeReady Mortgage: The HomeReady mortgage program is a Fannie Mae initiative that offers low rates and reduced insurance costs, providing favorable terms for eligible homebuyers. This program is also available through participating lenders in Massachusetts.

  4. Home Possible Mortgage: The Home Possible mortgage program, offered through Freddie Mac, is designed to assist low- to moderate-income borrowers with low down payment options.

  5. FHA Mortgage: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgages are another option for first-time homebuyers, offering low down payment options and more flexible credit requirements.

These programs are tailored to assist low- to moderate-income borrowers and aim to make homeownership more accessible through various financial assistance, low down payment options, and favorable terms.

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