What Is Gruntstyle Revenue Per Year

According to the text, Grunt Style had a revenue of $316.3 million in the past, and the company's SIC code is 56,561. Its estimated annual revenue is $86.6 million, with a revenue per employee of $285,000. In 2022, the company's online revenue was $58.8 million, and its annual revenue in 2023 was $100 million. The Chief Brand Officer of Grunt Style is Tim Jensen, and the current CEO, Glenn Silbert, has an approval rating of 89%. The company has multiple competitors, including Nine Line Apparel, GovX, Ranger Up, and others. Grunt Style has seen a 40% increase in annual revenue and has hired 80 additional employees. The company is estimated to generate $66.4 million in annual revenue and has a current headquarters location with 57 employees and a total of 500 employees. Its annual revenue is in the range of $10-$50 million, and it is estimated to have an annual revenue of $100 million. The company has 57 employees at its headquarters and a total of 500 employees.

Grunt Style's annual revenue has shown some variability over the years. In 2022, the company reported online revenue of approximately $58.8 million, and in 2023, the annual revenue was estimated to be around $100 million. These figures, while fluctuating, indicate a substantial scale of operations and revenue generation for the company.

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