What Is Burmacalled Now

The text provides historical background and context on the name change of Burma to Myanmar in 1989, including the reasons behind the change and the reactions of both the international community and the local populace. It mentions that Myanmar is the official name, but the Burmese still use Burma in their spoken language and there is controversy over the name change being a form of censorship. The British colonial history and Burmese ethnic group are also mentioned as factors in the country's name.

The country that was previously known as Burma is now officially referred to as Myanmar. The name change from Burma to Myanmar took place in 1989. However, it's important to note that the use of "Burma" is still prevalent in the spoken language of the Burmese people, and there is controversy surrounding the name change, with some viewing it as a form of censorship. The decision to change the name was part of a series of changes implemented by the ruling military regime in Myanmar at the time.

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