What Is A Hagerty Consluting Recurter Looking For During A

In summary, Hagerty Consulting's interview process involves having an HR representative reach out via text and email, followed by a brief informal interview. The first round telephone interview is with a knowledgeable and friendly interviewer, but may lack specific details about the job. The company values diversity and encourages smart individuals with emergency management experience to apply. They also offer a behind-the-scenes look at the company and its recruiters. Past employees have praised the competence and dedication of their colleagues. The company looks for candidates who can deliver summary products and work with clients for extended periods of time. Research the company on YouTube.

Hagerty Consulting recruiters typically seek candidates who possess the ability to deliver concise and informative work products, as well as collaborate effectively with clients for extended periods. Moreover, they value diversity and encourage individuals with emergency management expertise to apply. The initial interview process may involve an informal discussion led by an HR representative, followed by a telephone interview. It's important to note that past employees have spoken highly of their colleagues' competency and dedication. Researching the company, its background, and its recruiters may also be beneficial.

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