What If After His Murder At The Red Wedding Robb

This text summarization discusses various characters from the A Song of Ice and Fire series, primarily focusing on the Starks. It mentions Robb Stark's surrender and desire to no longer be king, Lyarra Stark's desire to stay in Winterfell, and Lazuli's potential marriage prospects. It also discusses the deaths of major players in the series, the support for the crown being weakened, and Cat's role as an emissary for Robb.

The possibility of Robb Stark being reborn as the younger twin brother of Renly Baratheon is a fascinating hypothetical scenario. One can imagine the intricate dynamics that would unfold in such a situation, given the complex relationships and power struggles in the world of Westeros. This alternate version could lead to various intriguing possibilities, such as the impact on alliances, conflicts, and the overall political landscape. It's an engaging concept that could spark compelling discussions among fans of the series.

Renly Baratheon and Robb Stark, writing their own fanfiction ...Robb Stark | Wiki of Westeros | Fandom

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