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The show() function is used to display the current element and can be set to display: block for styling purposes. Images can also be loaded and displayed using the draw() function. The frameRate() function limits the number of frames displayed per second while drawTarget() allows for easy drawing of distinct targets. The updateDisplay() function only updates the display window when necessary, based on mouse or key events. This video discusses the basics of creating functions and the displayDensity() function returns the current pixel density of the screen. The draw() function executes code until the program is stopped and this video introduces the concept of object-oriented programming.

The display() function in the provided p5.js code is responsible for displaying an ellipse on the canvas. Here's a breakdown of what each line does:

  1. noStroke();: This line ensures that the ellipse drawn doesn't have an outline or stroke. So the ellipse will only have a fill color without any visible border.

  2. fill(this.c);: This line sets the fill color of the ellipse. The this.c is likely a variable representing the color of the ellipse. It could be set elsewhere in the code.

  3. ellipse(this.x, this.y, this.radius * 2, this.radius * 2);: This line draws the ellipse on the canvas. It uses the this.x and this.y coordinates to position the center of the ellipse, and this.radius to determine its size. The expression this.radius * 2 is used to set the width and height of the ellipse.

Therefore, the display() function essentially sets the fill color and draws an ellipse on the canvas at the position specified by this.x and this.y, with a size determined by this.radius.

If your code is not working as expected, it's essential to ensure that the variables this.c, this.x, this.y, and this.radius are correctly defined and set before calling the display() function.

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