What Does The Reference: Doherty, U., Egan, M., Daly, P.,

The text discusses a book entitled "Strands", which provides 14 strategies for teachers to respond to the needs of children with Down syndrome. The book includes research-supported methods and emphasizes the importance of inclusive education and recognizing the strengths of these children. The strategies include gathering information from various sources, using clear and simple language, and breaking tasks into smaller chunks. This book was developed by the Department of Education and focuses on teaching children with specific learning difficulties or a syndrome commonly associated with cognitive differences.

The "STRANDS" book, authored by Doherty, U., Egan, M., Daly, P., Coady, M., Holland, M., Kelleher, D., Long, S., McCarthy, E., and O’ Sullivan, S. in 2011, provides strategies for teachers to actively respond to the needs of children with Down syndrome. While the specific details of the book's content are not available, the emphasis on understanding the student's interests, aptitudes, experiences, and skills is likely to be inherent in its approach. Given its focus on creating effective learning environments for children with specific learning difficulties, the book might address tailored teaching techniques that incorporate individual strengths, experiences, and skills into the learning process.

Supporting a Child with Down Syndrome at SchoolHow to Teach Students With Down Syndrome: 15 Effective Strategies

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