What Does The High energy 70 Mev Cyclone®70 Machine Produce?

The Industrial High energy cyclotron, known as the Cyclone® 70, is highly efficient and reliable, with a variable energy range of 30 to 70 MeV. This allows for the production of a wide range of radioisotopes, including 68Ge, 123I, and 82Sr. The machine also has the capability to produce other nuclear medicine isotopes such as 111In, 123I, and 201Tl. Despite having a slightly lower proton energy (60 MeV vs 70 MeV) compared to the IBA C70, the larger and heavier size of the IsoDAR cyclotron allows for continuous production of isotopes. Additionally, the Cyclone 70P offers an optimized, high power option with variable proton acceleration. Its maximum energy output of 70 MeV and 1.2 mA beam power make it one of the most powerful cyclotrons in the world. Furthermore, its variable energy range allows for the utilization of weaker stripping foils, resulting in a strong dependence of the beam's axial envelope on their position.

The high-energy 70 MeV Cyclone®70 machine is capable of producing a wide range of radioisotopes used in nuclear medicine and scientific research. Some of the isotopes it can produce include 68Ge, 123I, 82Sr, 111In, 123I, and 201Tl. Its variable energy range of 30 to 70 MeV enables the production of these isotopes, which play essential roles in various medical imaging and treatment procedures, as well as in scientific studies and research.

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