What Does Tesla Company Say About Solid State Lithium Batteries

The company expects to begin mass production of their solid-state battery by 2027, which has triple the energy density, faster charging times, and increased safety compared to Tesla's lithium-ion cells. Despite the hype surrounding solid-state batteries, their expensive manufacturing process has hindered widespread adoption. Tesla is currently focused on developing their lithium-ion batteries, but experts predict that solid-state batteries will eventually make them obsolete. As prices for lithium-ion batteries decrease, so do the prices for solid-state batteries. Overall, solid-state batteries have the potential to revolutionize the EV industry and outperform current technology and petroleum-based options.

Tesla has expressed interest in solid-state lithium batteries, aiming to commence mass production of these batteries by 2027. The company's vision for these batteries includes a tripled energy density, faster charging times, and enhanced safety compared to their current lithium-ion cells. While Tesla is currently concentrated on advancing their lithium-ion batteries, experts believe that solid-state batteries may eventually render them obsolete.

Despite the potential advantages, the expensive manufacturing process of solid-state batteries has hindered their widespread adoption. As the cost of lithium-ion batteries decreases, so does the price of solid-state batteries. Consequently, solid-state batteries have the potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and surpass current technologies and petroleum-based options.

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