What Does Not Allign

The text discusses the factors and causes of the Second Sudanese Civil War, including economic aspects, resource exploitation, ethnic animosities, and competition for resources, particularly oil. It argues that these factors all played a role in igniting and perpetuating the conflict. Additionally, the war spread to other regions beyond just southern Sudan. The collision of cultures, religions, and ethnicities in Sudan is also highlighted as a key underlying cause. The article suggests that predation by armed groups during the war led to the formation of a dominant class and that ethnic rivalries transformed political rivalry into deadly violence.

According to the information obtained from the search, some aspects that may not align entirely with Sambini's definition could be the spread of the war to other regions beyond southern Sudan and the complexity of the conflict involving factors such as economic aspects, resource exploitation, and ethnic animosities. However, for further precision on the specific aspects that do not align with Sambini's framework, it would be best to directly refer to Sambini's work.

Second Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005) •The Second Sudanese Civil War | God Grew Tired of US

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