What Does Holpen Mean?

The text describes the definition and origin of the word "holpen," which is an archaic past participle of "help" in Middle English. The word is primarily used in dialect and means to take hold of someone and help them up in danger. The text also states that the word is no longer commonly used, with "helped" being the more modern form. It also mentions the etymology of the word, which comes from Old English. Lastly, it explains that the word can also be spelled as "holp" and provides a list of definitions from various sources.

The word "holpen" is an archaic past participle of the verb "help" in Middle English. It was used to denote aiding or rescuing someone. However, it's important to note that "holpen" is no longer commonly used in contemporary English, with "helped" being the more prevalent past participle form today. The word has its origins in Old English and can also be spelled as "holp."

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