What Did Mary Wollstonecraft Have To Say About Made A

Text snippet: The author argues that both Adam Smith and Mary Wollstonecraft shared a similar perspective on love. Wollstonecraft's belief that it is not natural for a woman to focus solely on her own beauty is reflected in Smith's view that man should have a coquettish slave to serve as an alluring object of desire and a pleasant companion. This suggests that the two had a philosophical kinship on the topic of love and desire.

The quote you provided is often associated with an argument made by the author, not a direct quote from Mary Wollstonecraft herself. It's noteworthy that the statement aligns with the views of Wollstonecraft on societal expectations of women and the objectification of women as a mere source of pleasure for men. Wollstonecraft, a prominent feminist philosopher, argued against the objectification and subjugation of women, advocating instead for women's rights and independence. This quote appears to be a critique of the societal pressure on women to fulfill a certain role, reflecting Wollstonecraft's concerns about the treatment of women as objects of desire rather than as equal and autonomous individuals.

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