What Are Some Of The Threats On The High Seas

The world's oceans are facing numerous threats from human activities such as pollution, overfishing, mining, and climate change. This has resulted in the destruction of marine biodiversity, with only one percent of the high seas protected from commercial use. Greenpeace warns of new industries like seabed mining and carbon removal that could further harm the oceans. The lack of a universal law to protect biodiversity leaves the high seas vulnerable. Among the top issues facing the oceans are overfishing, plastic pollution, oil and gas extraction, warming waters, and inadequate marine protection. Criminal activity in the Gulf and the destabilizing effect it has on the region is also a concern. A new global ocean treaty is needed urgently to address these threats and protect the high seas.

Some of the major threats on the high seas include overfishing, pollution (especially plastic pollution), oil and gas extraction, warming waters due to climate change, inadequate marine protection, and criminal activities in certain regions, which can have destabilizing effects. Additionally, new industries like seabed mining and carbon removal pose potential harm to the oceans. These threats collectively contribute to the destruction of marine biodiversity and the overall health of the oceans. It's essential to address these issues through better regulations and international cooperation to protect the high seas.

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