What's The Population Of Nyc?

In 2022, New York City has an estimated population of 8,335,897, making it the most densely populated major city. The city covers an area of 300.46 square miles and is projected to have 6.0% of persons under 5 years old, 20.6% persons under 18 years old, and 15.5% females over 65. Based on the most recent US Census data, the population is estimated to be 7,888,121, with a 0.01% decline from 2019 in the metro area population. The total population is 8,804,190 with a median household income. Despite a gain in population, Manhattan is still 98,000 residents below its 2020 level. According to the Census Bureau, between April 2020 and July 2022, the estimated population decreased to 8.34 million. From 2010 to 2018, New York City's population increased from 8,175,133 to 8,398,748. The top five cities in New York by population are Buffalo, North Hempstead, Babylon town, Rochester city, and New York City itself.

As of the most recent data, the population of New York City is estimated to be around 8,335,897. It's important to note that population figures can change over time due to various factors such as migration, birth rates, and other demographic trends.

The Population of NYC Is Down. What Will Happen in 2020? | StreetEasyunder the raedar: Population Density in New York City

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