Websites Que Mantem Todos Os Seus Dados

This text talks about the importance and benefits of storing data, files, photos, and videos in a safe and accessible place. It also mentions various online storage options, such as 4shared, Degoo, Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud. The concept of AI-powered content management is introduced, along with the idea of data storage for 90 days. Privacy and data protection is also highlighted, with Apple, Twitter, and Facebook mentioned as examples. The article also mentions Google and Facebook's access to users' personal data, and the option to upgrade for more storage and benefits in a membership that can be shared with family.

Alguns sites que oferecem armazenamento de dados incluem 4shared, Degoo, Dropbox, Google Drive, e iCloud. Esses serviços permitem que você armazene seus arquivos, fotos e vídeos de forma segura e acessível. É importante considerar as questões de privacidade e proteção de dados ao selecionar um serviço de armazenamento online.

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