Was Judah Occupied By Assyria Shortly Before 612 Bc

Summary: The Assyrians played a significant role in the history of Israel and Judah, with various kingdoms either allying with or resisting them. After the reign of Hezekiah, there is no record of further raids on Judah by the Assyrians until their downfall in 612 BC. Both the Northern and Southern Kingdoms were threatened by Assyria at different points in time. After their fall, Babylon took control of the region and eventually the city of Nineveh was destroyed by an allied army.

Yes, Judah was indeed occupied by Assyria, particularly during the reign of King Hezekiah. However, there is no recorded instance of further raids by the Assyrians on Judah following Hezekiah's reign until the downfall of Assyria in 612 BC. So, while there was Assyrian occupation in the period leading up to 612 BC, it ceased with the eventual fall of the Assyrian Empire.

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