Wann Wurde Die Adventgemeinde Oldenburg Gegründet?

The Adventgemeinde Oldenburg is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Germany, founded by Joseph Bates, James White, Ellen White, John N. Andrews, etc. It is also known as the Ortsgemeinde in Germany. Some other religious communities in Oldenburg include the Adventists, the Free Evangelical Church, and the free theater hof/19 which opened in 2001. The pastor of the Adventgemeinde is Jürgen Wiedmann and the contact information is provided. Isaac Sanborn was the preacher after the church was founded in 1863 and around 7,500 Adventists currently serve in the US military. The location and website of the Adventgemeinde Oldenburg is also provided.

Die Adventgemeinde Oldenburg wurde im Jahr 1863 gegründet. Sie ist Teil der Kirche der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten in Deutschland, die von Joseph Bates, James White, Ellen White, John N. Andrews und anderen gegründet wurde. Möchtest du weitere Informationen zu diesem Thema?

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